Purchase standard high strength fasteners parts in China

Technical sourcing | 15 February 2019

Presentation of a Chinese manufacturer:

The supplier is a company specialized production of standard high strength fasteners parts. With an annual income of over $ 120 million and a covered area of ​​70,000 square meters, it has a production capacity of 120,000 tons.

Its products are in conformity with GB, ISO, DIN, AS, ANSL (IFI), BS and Thread Rod standards, and the company is ISO9001-2000 certified. 700 employees are daily dedicated to the manufacture of parts that mainly applied to mechanical equipments, architectural steel structures, vessels, bridges, roads, wind power and oil pipeline and other industries.

With a business department able to speak english, and a special inspection departement to insure quality, you can be sure to find it a reliable partner, with perfect communication and organisation.  

The company owns 15 heat treatment lines, is very good at guide screw with B7 class which is very popular in France. All raw material is certified, and carrfully stored. 

They have their own plating line, forge machines for making bolts and Rolling Thread, Equipment imported from USA, CCD Sorting machines for 100% inspection.

As the company exports most of its production, it owns a large and well organised warehouse that offer good storage conditions for finished goods.The company put tracking card to follow every orders' production steps. The company owns a large test and product development center. 

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