Purchase gas sensor, gas analysers in China

Technical sourcing | 29 March 2021

Presentation of a Chinese manufacturer:

The supplier is a high-tech level entreprise specializing in R&D, manufacture and sales of gas sensor, gas analysers, and complete gas monitoring systems. They also offer internet of things solutions. Thanks to its 24000 square meters area, the company has developped more than 30 types of products and is able to create new ones adapted  to your needs.

Air quality sensor module, Gas detector, Gas Analyser, infrared C02 sensor, IAQ&HVAC system monitor

Their products are used in a large range of industries, such as: Smart Home, HVAC system, automotive, consumer electronics, health care, biotechtnologies, industrial safety, intelligent agriculture and others.

Due to its english-speaking overseas sales department, the company can easily handle the export process. From now, they already exported to more than 70 overseas countries and territories. The company is well organised and its managing team can handle all order without any quality, communication or organisation issues. 

The company owns a R&D center of 4500 square meters. It has obtained 55 patents, among which contain 25 invention patents. Besides, it has more than 240 units of different 

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